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In which industries are filling machines widely used?

2023-10-26 14:23:02

Filling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used to fill liquid, semi-solid and powder into related containers, which is widely used in various industries. The following will introduce the application of filling machine in several major industries.

1. Food industry: Filling machines are widely used in the food industry, mainly used for filling all kinds of liquid foods, sauces, beverages, dairy products, edible oils, etc. For example, liquid foods such as fruit juice, wine and milk are usually filled by filling machines. At the same time, powdered foods such as coffee and milk powder can also be packed by corresponding powder filling machines.

2. Cosmetic industry: Cosmetic industry is another major application field. Commonly used cosmetics such as face cream, lotion, shampoo and shower gel need to be packed by filling machine. The filling machine can carry out a variety of filling methods according to different needs, such as quantitative filling, screw filling, pumping filling and so on, to meet the packaging requirements of different cosmetics.

3. Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements on the packaging of drugs, and the filling machine is one of the important equipment to help pharmaceutical enterprises complete this work. Filling machine can accurately control and quantitatively package drugs to ensure the quality and safety of drugs. Common pharmaceutical filling machines include injection filling machine, capsule filling machine and bottled liquid filling machine.

4. Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, all kinds of chemical liquids usually need to be filled by accurate packaging methods. Common chemicals, such as lubricating oil, detergent, pigment and glue, need to be packed by filling machine. Filling machines are widely used in chemical industry, which can meet the requirements of different viscosity, concentration and granularity.

5. Beverage industry: Beverage industry is one of the main application fields of filling machines. Different types of drinks, such as mineral water, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, coffee and tea drinks, need to be packaged. Filling machine can complete the quantitative packaging of beverages, and can cooperate with other equipment, such as bottle cap tightening machine and bottle cap locking machine.

6. Daily chemical industry: Daily chemical products are essential products for consumers in their daily lives, such as laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, shampoo and shower gel. These products usually need to be filled accurately to meet the market requirements. The application of filling machine can improve production efficiency, reduce pollution and waste, and ensure product quality and safety.

To sum up, filling machines are widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, beverages, daily chemicals and other industries. With the continuous innovation of technology, filling machines have been further applied in other fields. The degree of automation of filling machine has been continuously improved, and the production efficiency and packaging quality have also been obviously improved.


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Contact person: Mr. Yang

Contact phone number: 13806855795


Address: No. 4 Chuangye Road, Zhenglou Industrial Zone, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province