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温州金硕机械有限公司,位于历史悠久的中国"浙南名城",温州模式的发源地,中国包装机械与制药机械生产基地,是一家从事纸盒包装机器(装盒机)、口服液灌装机、灌装封尾机、卡片灌装机的科研开发、制造、销售和良好的售后服务于一体的科技型股份企业,企业拥有一大批机械设计、加工及制药工程领域的技术精英,具有雄厚的技术力量,可靠的产品质量,良好的售后服务。温州金硕机械有限公司将本着"以诚信为本,用户至上、生存靠质量、发展靠创新"的经营于是念;树立"用户需求为已任、客户利益为初衷"的企业目标。企业已通过质量管理体系9001认证 产品获得欧盟CE认证。欢迎国内外客商莅临金硕实地考察、洽谈和指导,金硕机械愿与您携手共创辉煌。

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A technology-based joint-stock enterprise that integrates design, research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. The enterprise has a large number of technical elites in the fields of mechanical design, processing, and pharmaceutical engineering, with strong technical strength, reliable product quality, and good after-sales service


Contact person: Mr. Yang

Contact phone number: 13806855795

Email: 2191536652@qq.com

Address: No. 4 Chuangye Road, Zhenglou Industrial Zone, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province